How to Use a Sex Machine

Using your fuck machine seems pretty straightforward, but there are some points to keep in mind with this, as well. Before you use it, think about:


Lubricant is an important part of the equation for just about every adult toy out there, and this includes sex machines.

Both men and women should make sure they keep lubrication levels high to prevent uncomfortable friction. This will prevent irritation and give you the most enjoyable experience possible.

Keep in mind:

Water-based lubricant is your best bet since it’s compatible with all materials.

Test Run

Before using your machine, test it out to make sure it works. Turn it on, go through the various settings, test out the remote (if applicable), and see what angles you can use.

Try the machine out on various surfaces to see how well it works. After that, if everything looks good, you’re ready to try it out!

Decide Where to Use It

Next, you’ll need to decide where to use your sex machine. Users report that carpet is a good surface as it stays in place well and makes less noise than hardwood floors.

If your place has only wood, think about putting a blanket or rubber mat underneath it. This will help both with noise reduction and stability during playtime.

Sex Machine Safety Tips

Anything that will come into contact with your genitals should be approached safely. As mentioned before, you should always use toys made with body safe materials. Here are some other safety guidelines:


Wash the attachments that come with your love machine before you use them for the first time. You should also wash them each time you use the toy. This will help prevent bacteria buildup on the attachments.

Most adult toys can be safely washed with gentle soap. Always check to ensure that the soap you’re using to clean the toys is compatible with their materials.

Buy from a Quality Manufacturer

The Internet is full of sources to buy sex machines from. When you’re investing in one, it’s best to buy directly from the official manufacturer website.

This will ensure that you can consult customer service if necessary, and that you’re getting the best machine money can buy.

While you may want to just get the most affordable option, you’re better off opting for the highest quality you can afford. Always buy an option that has good reviews.

Proper Storage

Having a good place to store your sex machine will help the device last as long as possible. Since these machines have a motor in them, it’s best to avoid extreme temperatures.

Also, make sure that the machine is completely dry before putting it away.

Love Machine Styles

Sex machines aren’t a new invention, so there’s a wide variety of types you can find. Most of them should fit into one of the following categories:

Thruster Machines

Thrusters (or thrusting sex machines) deliver back and forth movements rather than vibrations. They range from small handheld devices to heavier items that are built to stay in place.

Handheld machines will obviously be easier to clean, but they can’t deliver even a fraction of the thrusting power of a larger device. Stand-up machines work on your table or floor.

Most thrusters come with a rod for attaching various toys, which delivers the benefit of versatility. Thruster machines will all come with different thrusting depths, so think about how deep you want it before you buy.

Saddle Machines

Saddle machines, as you may have guessed by the name, are built for riding.

These powerful vibrating devices typically have a comfortable seat that you can easily enjoy for hours at a time. You’ll also find a variety of vibration speeds to play around with.

Saddle fuck machines usually come with a dildo attachment designed to provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Some of them can also work for anal play.

This style of machine tends to come with a remote control that you can operate yourself or hand over to a partner.

Keep in mind:

Saddle sex machines are pleasurable and powerful, but they aren’t always quiet. As stated before, using a machine on a carpeted area can reduce noise.

Stroker Machines

A stroker is a male sex toy shaped to allow for penetration. They come with a hollow channel and textures or grooves to provide stimulation.

Typically, strokers (also called masturbators) are handheld devices. They come in both non-anatomical and lifelike designs. Some of the most popular options are modeled after vaginas, anuses, or mouths.

For a stroker, think about what you want it to look like. Is it better for you if the masturbator has a realistic appearance, or do you care more about function?

Strokers have the advantage of portability and they also cost less than larger sex machines.