Sex Machine Buying Guide

If you still have some questions about sex machines, don’t worry. We’ll go over some more information to keep in mind before you decide whether to invest in one.

Already Assembled vs. DIY

Before you buy a fuck machine you should know that some models don’t come ready to use and will require assembly. If you’re the handy type that’s good at putting things together, this isn’t a problem.


Some sex machine buyers won’t want to deal with this additional step. Look for an already assembled machine if you don’t want to have to put it together.

Thrusting Power and Speed

Sex machines come in all shapes and sizes, each designed to simulate a particular type of sex. Before you buy a fuck machine, check out the penetration depth.

Look for a machine that offers various speeds and settings if you want some variety. If you’re just looking for a simple device, a basic sex machine will serve you just fine.

Simpler machines also come with the benefit of a lower price tag.

Attachments and Versatility

Some styles of sex machine include a piston-like apparatus that you can attach toys to. From dildos to anal probes and vagina-shaped sleeves, think about what you want out of the device you choose.

Other models of fuck machine just provide a basic design without this extra versatility.


If you want to share your machine with your opposite sex partner, we recommend the style that allows for several attachments. That way, you’ll both be satisfied!

Material and Build Quality

The genital region is a delicate area, so it’s important to take care of it. Every adult toy customer should think about the materials that their toys are made of.

Most included attachments that come with sex machines will be made with body-safe materials.

However, you may want to opt for something a bit higher-quality. For example, silicone toys are non-porous and therefore more sanitary than toys made with TPE.

Extra attachments will cost much less than the machine itself, so shop for some that excite you, and don’t be afraid to get a variety of attachments.

Price Range

Another obvious consideration to keep in mind with buying a sex machines is budget. This is far from the cheapest adult product you can get. Even the more affordable models can cost a considerable amount.

Before you shop for a fuck machine, think about the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on one. This will also help you narrow down your choices, as there are tons of options available out there.

Privacy and Storage

If you’re the type (like most people) who likes to keep your sex life private, discretion is another thing to consider.

Most manufacturers deliver their products in discreet packaging. But you’ll also need to consider where you’ll store the device once it arrives in the mail.

Some options are easy to hide due to their compact nature, while others are bigger and heavier. Also, if noise is an issue, be sure to get a quiet machine that won’t alert your roommates or neighbors.

Return Policies and Customer Service

As mentioned, a sex machine will likely cost you a fair amount. Check into the return policies and customer service standards of the manufacturer you’re considering.

That way, you’ll know that you’ll have an easy time sorting out any issues that may arise with your machine.